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Bombermania Alchemist is a remake of the classic arcade game Bomberman. In this game you strategically place bombs to destroy enemies and bricks. You must watch for power-ups for extra attribute boosts and not let the enemies get the power-ups first or you will lose them. Be careful of explosions or the enemies, because getting hit by them will make you lose a life. The game ends when you lose all your lives. In order to level up, you must get rid of all enemies to reveal the portal to the next level. Bombermania Alchemist is filled with bonuses to help you level up such as Full Life, Add Bomb, Raise Range, Detonator, Monster Freeze, Wall Walk, Frenzy and more. Walls are classified into three types: indestructible, simple and double walls. If you are hit by a fire you lose 20% of your life. A bonus life is granted every 5 game levels. Bombermania Alchemist is a fun and addicting game suitable for the entire family. You could spend hours entertained by playing the game.




Authors: Annenkov Pavel, Russia, Moscow
Professional C++ Programmer since 2001
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Graphics by Ischuk Yaroslav Olegovich (Ylvik), Ukraine
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